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Who does not take ayahuasca? The conditions that one must meet to take ayahuasca

Ingesting ayahuasca has its benefits, but if you do not take into account certain criteria for its use may cause undesirable medical problems, especially if the person does not meet the necessary medical conditions, these are people who can not take ayahuasca:

  • Pregnant.
  • Mothers with babies in breastfeeding.
  • People with high blood pressure (140/90 mm Hg or greater).
  • People suffering from heart attack.
  • Under 17 years.
  • Elderly older than 70 years (if the person older than 70 and meets healthy physical conditions can be done gradually).
  • Women with menstrual cycle that coincides with the day of the ritual.

The fact of ingesting ayahuasca produces some very realistic visual illusions, so that it may cause an unexpected reaction, so a person with high blood pressure is at risk for a heart attack.

Ayahuasca is a treatment tool that was conceived in the Amazon, it is necessary not to underestimate its potential

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