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The cross-cultural use of ayahuasca, also known as yajé, has spread everywhere

It was born as a key substance of healing rituals in which many times took only the shaman, within the Amazonian peoples it is considered that diseases come from social and spiritual factors, so that ayahuasca also constitutes a prophylactic and negotiation role where Considers that many diseases are fruits of the revenge of the yuxin (spirits) where eating meat is synonymous with killing, and that echo is inherent to the creation of life. So this is a battle with the spirits of consumed animals try to take over the bodies of the sick, Yube or Moon / Serpent a cosmological being as the protagonist agent source of knowledge and healing, all this is conception of those who have Consumed.

The ayahuasca is a brew and its name can vary according to its geography (ayahuasca, yagé, caapi, yagugue, mariri or pildé) whose scientific name is Banisteriopsis caapi (botanical species of liana of the family of malpiguiaceae), that united to The chacruna of scientific name Psychotria viridis (it is a botanical species of shrub of the coffee family, Rubiaceae) make the concoction of the same name "AYAHUASCA".

Ayahuasca is a carrier of the MAO inhibitor MAO Monoamine Oxidase, contains Harmina and the Chacruna that carries the DMT (dimethyltryptamine) or entheogen, that when they are united perform synergy to bring to the brain DMT in a way that produces psychedelia.

What happens is an electrochemical process in the synaptic cavity of the nerve cells (Neurons) within the brain by the effect of DMT (neurotransmitter) acts as an entity that causes visual illusions and effects of auditory sensations, alterations of the state of Consciousness, alterations of the notion of time and space.

Ayahuasca or Yagé is a drink used by the indigenous Amazonian peoples. Their cultures and traditions will understand ayahuasca from the traditional health paradigm of these peoples. The effects of their ingestion promote access to altered states of consciousness in which various visions, emotions and processes of catharsis follow, to which the Amazonian traditions recognize a potentially healing value.


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