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We are a responsible and organized and mature community, our intention is spiritual healing through Ayahuasca medicine, sharing with those who are willing to accept nature in their heart.


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Is necessary a shaman to drink ayahuasca? It really takes a shaman when you take ayahuasca for the first time

It really takes a shaman when you take ayahuasca for the first time, since you need someone after experiencing, due to the fact that unexpected feelings occur in the body, such as the dizziness that is part of the ceremony, everyone has dizziness and vomiting , But quiet that's not bad, they say it's clean.

A shaman will give you the exact dose of ayahuasca, by his experience, a shaman with more years has more experience of course.

Generally the shaman helps you to interpret the visions that you had by the effect of ayahuasca.

The shaman from a mystical perspective is the person who connects your being with the ayahuasca mother, possesses the ability to intone the Ikaros through them to purify and guide you in your visions.

Ayahuasca is a treatment tool that was conceived in the Amazon, it is necessary not to underestimate its potential

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