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We are a responsible and organized and mature community, our intention is spiritual healing through Ayahuasca medicine, sharing with those who are willing to accept nature in their heart.



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Superacion personal con Ayahuasca

Personal overcoming with Ayahuasca

Personal overcoming with Ayahuasca and deep detoxification of the body, mind and soul soul. We each have different problems, we are flesh and blood with our own feelings, many of us have a grudge, hatred, trauma in the mind and the Heart for the destiny that we believe we had to live . We go through violence, anguish, difficulties, indifference, injustice, depressive situations, absence of love from parents or separations from parents or couples that disillusion us and other energy blocks. Many lose love, sensitivity and forget their self-esteem for damages, psychological mistreatment, we suffer amorous disappointments that we can not forget among other circumstances that marked our lives.

We feel that we are not understood by those we love and by society, we end up taking refuge in alcohol, drugs, different vices and we lose in liberalism that we think make us feel good, in the end we fall into darkness instead of going out to the light. Many of us know that we are not well and we are not on the right path, just that we do not want to accept reality, we prefer to suffer and only give pain to those who love us. We seek guilty to our problems and we become the victims which becomes a vicious circle without any exit, you can overcome only reflects ?.

Our pride, ego is stronger and we prefer to stay as we are, we just do not want we do not take the first step to change, one has to have absolute commitment committed to change, how do you think to improve ... ?. The answer is your decision and commitment only your will and your hope will help you to come out to the light, open your eyes out there are people you do not know and want to help. For this there is this spiritual center that can help you with your personal improvement with ayahuasca through the wisdom of plants whose pure spirit makes the reason for being. Do a clean detoxification, purify your body, soul and thought, it is time to mature and change, it is time to stop suffering, it is time to overcome your problems that do not let you live in peace. This treatment of personal improvement with ayahuasca and deep detoxification of the soul, consists of 6 shots of ayahuasca as a minimum.

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