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We are a responsible and organized and mature community, our intention is spiritual healing through Ayahuasca medicine, sharing with those who are willing to accept nature in their heart.



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Diets of ayahuasca and learning of plants

The ayahuasca diets are for spiritual people looking for a different path of service in Peru

Ayahuasca diets and personal overcoming

Diets of Ayahuasca and learning of plants

Diets of Ayahuasca and learning of plants, psychological preparation for aspiring volunteers to be Shamans. (90 to 180 days)

The Ayahuasca diets are for spiritual people looking for a different path of service or wanting to serve

Ayahuasca diets are for spiritual people who are looking for a different way of service or wanting to serve; As spiritual guides who seek to learn more of the teaching of plants, spiritual practitioners of Taiji yoga, meditation among other skills. For these ayahuasca diets they should be suitable people who are simply in search of wanting to learn, to know more secrets and techniques of plants. Teachers, spiritual who want to continue learning more about ayahuasca diets and other things that nature offers. The aspirants who dare to follow this spiritual path have to be prepared psychologically, it requires a lot of discipline, responsibility, commitment and commitment.

The aspirants must have a unique obedience to what the teacher teaches and says, has to be a teachable man, this race is not easy requires a lot of willpower, because someday will be a shaman. It has a lot to do with the origin of its formation, teaching and learning, since it plays the reputation of the Association of Shamans of Peru. That is why teachers will demand and must comply with all rules, ethical and moral standards. The aspirants must meet certain diets, learn humility, simplicity, value the work that is done, learn to differentiate good and bad energies, must understand icaros and how to work healing people who need.

The aspirants for Ayahuasca diets such as spiritual guides, facilitators, different shamans among others, some of the mentioned already have a trajectory with the plants will be done prior evaluation and the Shaman healer will make a diagnosis and calculate the necessary shots for his work or Path Chaman healer of ayahuasca.

These ayahuasca diets will be minimum between 40 and 70 ayahuasca or san pedro shots and diets of different plants that will be applied according to the energy of the apprentice, wrapping their diets with ancestral plants.

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