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We are a responsible and organized and mature community, our intention is spiritual healing through Ayahuasca medicine, sharing with those who are willing to accept nature in their heart.



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Sacred cult to Mama Cocha (Opening Ceremony). Mother Cocha.

Concept.- It is Mother Water generates life - Inca Goddess. It represents the sea, lakes, rivers and springs. They worshiped for rain and obtained benefits for agriculture (a food source for living). MamaCocha was revered by the Tawantinsuyo empire. This Goddess Cocha was revered by the priests in the lakes and lagoons. It consisted in protecting against negative energies and protection against tsunamis and other river disasters. Wife of the supreme god Viracocha is MamaCocha represents everything that was feminine and gave balance to the world. It was identified with the same rainwater that falls to fertilize the earth. She is one of the 4 Elementary Mothers; The Pachamama, Mama Nina and Mama Waira and Mama Cocha. Mama Cocha with Mama Quilla (The Moon) and Pachamama, is the lunar trinity between the Incas, conformed by the three lunar phases. Also Mama Cocha lived up in the clouds "Hanac Pacha".

Description.- It is the beginning of a sacred spiritual connection or cult to the mother WATER. We ask permission to accompany us and have blessings throughout the trip. We will receive your mysterious gifts of mother water and her protective spirits. It is made by specialty Andean shamans near a water source. We use prayers, coca leaves, incense, candles, sounds and flowers with petals.

1: 00h to 1:30 minutes - Specialized shamans for different ceremonies: 2 minimums, 5 maximums (depending on the group). More assistant and / or English translator during your retreat.

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