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We are a responsible and organized and mature community, our intention is spiritual healing through Ayahuasca medicine, sharing with those who are willing to accept nature in their heart.



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Inca meditation. (Spiritual connection with heaven, earth and underworld)

Concept.- Inca meditation was practiced by the mystical priests whose purpose was to restore, heal conflicts, traumas and multiple emotional problems through meditation deep reflection of their being. It is a spiritual connection with the Hanac Pacha, Kay apcha and uku pacha to restore personal conflicts, throughout this process we thank and pray and ask for. We help to improve and work in the 6 fundamental areas (we give energy and strength for your self realization), love, health, work, family spirituality, protection and other more problems that you want.

Description.- The specialist Shaman makes his spiritual connection with all the forces of the earth and the universe. Ask for permission to channel energy power and transmit spiritual strength to customers. We use energy and coca leaves to pray play a very important role in connecting the three worlds. They use florid water, sahumerio and organic essences water candles and others.

1: 00h to 1:30 minutes Specialized shamans for different ceremonies: 2 minimums, 5 maximums (depending on the group). More assistant and / or English translator during your retreat.

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