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We are a responsible and organized and mature community, our intention is spiritual healing through Ayahuasca medicine, sharing with those who are willing to accept nature in their heart.



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Baths of Blossoming and farewell. (New life, law of attraction)

Concept.- The baths of flowering is the rebirth of a new being, a change of life. It is a revitalizing spiritual stimulus for a low energy cycle and serves to clear the aura whose electromagnetic energy has biological components, and the ability to emit different light waves according to physical, mental and emotional vibration. Its reproduction depends on the energetic level of the body and the internal emotional state. It is the attraction of the energy power of heaven and earth Hanac Pacha is the (divine spirit of God) represents the universe to the Sun (Taya Inti), Moon (Mama Keel), stars among others. And Kay pacha is the divine matter or energy, (Mother Earth is the body of God) represents the existence of mountains (Apus), plants, men, animals, etc. Seek to improve personal situation for you in all aspects of life. It not only cleans you of problems, it also bathes your spirit energy, creates in the cosmos, energetic necessary and unites the 4 cardinal points.

Properties It has soothing benefits in the nervous system, it counteracts stress, depression and helps balance the metabolism. It has esoteric, magical qualities and cleans the aura. It contributes to a person's spiritual stimulation of a low energy cycle. We find that the herbs we use in the bath are medicinal and relaxing, for example rosemary, broom, lavender and others are fundamental components.

Description.- The specialized Andean Priest initiates his sacred ritual, makes an invocation to the spirits and energetic forces of Hanac Pacha. The purpose is to channel energy power and obtain spiritual permission and connection. The shaman connects you to the universe where you will ask for any desire or intention you desire. We use different essences in water, plants of Andean power, flowers with wild fragrance of roses, carnations, jasmine and daisies.

45:00 minutes to 1:10 minutes - Specialized shamans for different ceremonies: 2 minimums, 5 maximums (depending on the group). More assistant and / or English translator during your retreat.

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