Why Ayahuasca Retreat

We are a responsible and organized and mature community, our intention is spiritual healing through Ayahuasca medicine, sharing with those who are willing to accept nature in their heart.



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Cost of Ayahuasca


Ayahuasca in regions of Peru

$1200.00 $1110.00


The ayahuasca retreat for nine days is done for therapeutic and / or rehabilitation purposes, to participate in these events or celebrations it is necessary to make a previous reservation with a small percentage of advance.

They are treatments or therapies that cure addictions to: cigarettes, drugs, also cure psychic problems, will start with a shaman who has more than 20 years experience with ayahuasca retreats, to participate in this retreat should maintain a healthy diet.

It will have six shots distributed throughout the 9 days, they will gather in groups to dynamize and to tell the lived experiences, in addition the shaman will interpret the visions that you have had.



It should be done with a shaman from the Amazon, who has for at least 30 years of experience


It helps wash the digestive tract by removing food residue that the body has not been able to expel, the same that are attached to the intestinal walls.


It will help you develop your ayahuasca ritual better, guiding you how to do it, you will accompany you to finish your ceremony.

San Pedro or Huachuma and Ayahuasca

It is a more intense treatment with Ayahuasca and Huachuma or San Pedro, is aimed at people seeking a deeper encounter with their personal self. Medicine helps overcome many psychological and emotional trauma, personal problems. Diseases of the body mind and spirit.

Before taking ayahuasca take into account

1 or 2 days before the ayahuasca ritual, will come to street: 148 ironworks to take volcanic water, (Detoxification of the immune system, it is necessary, before taking ayahuasca). Detoxification with volcanic water is 1 to 2 hours. Choose the most convenient time from 9am to 9pm. (If time is not enough, take the same day of ayahuasca ritual after coordination). Do not consume any food 4 hours before detox with volcanic water.


Having performed his physical preparation or personal diet, 3 days minimum before: no alcohol, sex, drugs. (Not pills annexations and not suffer from liver and heart problems) and having consumed natural vegetarian food. You can make your reservation for the ayahuasca ceremony.

It includes

  • Private transportation to and from the historical center of Cusco, to the temple of retreats 1 hour from the city (to the countryside).
  • Volcanic water for detoxification of the immune system.
  • 5 shots of ayahuasca. As an option you can intercalate with San Pedro or Wachuma
  • Accommodation in the double and private rooms during the retreat.
  • Conversation or consultation with the shaman before beginning the ayahuasca ceremony.
  • Chaman of the Amazon shipibo, Machiguenga or Asháninca, specialized in ayahuasca ceremonies.
  • Interpretation of visions or experiences after the ayahuasca ceremony with the shaman.
  • Assistants, translators of English for their spiritual retreat.
  • Daily return from 9am to 6pm. If there is an urgent departure time (coordinate).

At the beginning of every ceremony there is usually a meeting with the spiritual guide, with the purpose of knowing more, and making the ceremony appropriate to your health and / or personality, so that you feel comfortable.

In ayahuasca rituals of nine days of take 6 times, however sometimes they are granted more shots sometimes as when they have failed to have visions.

In any ayahuasca ceremony is prohibited to ingest substances toxic and / or harmful to health, can only carry a vegetarian and healthy diet, in order to ensure the success of their rehabilitation and / or experience, also makes seizure of substances that threaten To their health, however at the end of the retreat, the return is proceeded leaving the risks they represent.


    At the beginning of the first day at 9 in the morning you will meet with the spiritual guide to have a conversation about your retirement so that you can report the problems you have, the spiritual guide will ask you a series of questions regarding your health, To make one and the conditions that you gather to make a more appropriate procedure in your ayahuasca retreat, then the vehicle will pick you up and take you to the retreat center. Then he will introduce them to the shaman with whom they will make their ayahuasca retreat, then proceed to the beginning of the ayahuasca ceremony.

    At the end of the ceremony the chaman will interpret the visions and explain the meaning of these, once finished the ayahuasca ritual will take him to his bedroom, where he will rest and meditate.


    At dawn on day two the spiritual guide will wake you up and accompany you to start with the second ayahuasca ritual, and at the end of the ritual you will taste an exquisite vegetarian dinner, then rest.


    This day is to rest, share experiences, and resolve concerns and doubts, meditate and have lunch vegetarian.


    Continuing with the retreat, they will accompany him to celebrate his ayahuasca ceremony, and at the end of this ritual will be interpreted the visions he had.


    This day is a rest day, just like the third day on this day is shared visions, the chaman interprets and explains the meaning of these, all with therapeutic purpose and the desire to generate awareness.


    We begin with the ayahuasca ritual, ingest ayahuasca for the purpose of having self-awareness, this will help you to understand its reason for existence.


    In this day is recreational and relaxing, you can see nature, visit the river and meditate, you can talk with your companions, the guide will call you for vegetarian lunch, at sunset you can go to rest in your room.


    This penultimate day also is ayahuasca, continuous the treatment or ritual, accompanied by the shaman and spiritual guide, and at the end will interpret his visions to him.


    On this day the last ayahuasca takes place, at 8 o'clock in the morning will begin with the taking of ayahuasca, peace and harmony must be while the ayahuasca ritual is being taken, while the ritual begins the shaman will sing songs called the ikaros , This will help you deepen the visions.

  • Avoid taking any drugs (cocaine, cannabis, MDMA) one week before your retirement.
  • Avoid taking drinks (beer, vodka, wine, Pisco Sour) two days before retirement.
  • Avoid eating red meat, fast food (pizza, hamburger) two days before retirement.
  • Avoid having sex.
  • Eat vegan food.
  • Eat fruits and vegetables.

    4 ayahuascas, 2 Huachuma + volcanic water $ 750. (Street: Herrajes 148, 3rd floor ceremonial temple. Start of ceremony 7pm).
    4 ayahuascas, 2 Huachuma + volcanic water $ 1110. {(In the countryside 1 hour from Cusco). Departure time from Cusco 9 am and 5pm}.
    4 ayahuascas, 2 Huachuma in the countryside. $ 1210 (Your ayahuasca ceremony is private, no more members).