Why Ayahuasca Retreat

We are a responsible and organized and mature community, our intention is spiritual healing through Ayahuasca medicine, sharing with those who are willing to accept nature in their heart.



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Cost of Ayahuasca


Ayahuasca in regions of Peru

$580.00 $535.00


Retreat of ayahuasca of four days: We have the best retreat center of the city, we show you some photos here, The rituals of Ayahuasca are carried out with an experienced shaman of the Amazon.

Includes 4 days and 3 nights in the retreat temple, outside the city in the countryside. You will have breakfast, lunch and enjoy the walks around the mountains and rivers. You can bathe in the pool, have time to do yoga or meditation among others.



It should be done with a shaman from the Amazon, who has for at least 30 years of experience


It helps wash the digestive tract by removing food residue that the body has not been able to expel, the same that are attached to the intestinal walls.


It will help you develop your ayahuasca ritual better, guiding you how to do it, you will accompany you to finish your ceremony.

Before taking ayahuasca please note

Do not forget to come and take the volcanic water for the detoxification of the digestive system, 1 or 2 days before, from the ayahuasca retreat. The volcanic water intake is prior coordination, in the hours that you have from 9am to 9pm, in Calle Herrajes 148, (otherwise if you do not have time on the same day of your ayahuasca ceremony.) The ayahuasca group, a maximum of 6 participants.


Before drinking ayahuasca has to go through a diagnosis about his health, the manager will approve his state to authorize his taking of ayahuasca. (The test diagnoses its optimal condition for drinking ayahuasca medicine.) Physical preparation or personal diet, 3 days minimum before taking ayahuasca: no alcohol, sex, drugs. (Not chemical foods, pills and injections do not have multiple heart problems) and eat natural organic vegetarian food.

Experiences with Ayahuasca includes:

  • Private transportation to and from the office, to the temple of retreats 1 hour from the city (to nature).
  • Physical preparation, with volcanic water to detoxify the immune system (1 hour to 2 hours maximum).
  • 3 drinks of ayahuasca medicine. And stay in the retreat center.
  • Information or consultation with the shaman before beginning the ayahuasca ritual.
  • Shaman of the shipibo, Machiguenga or Ashaninca jungle, specialized in ayahuasca ceremonies.
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner, under the diet. (where appropriate).
  • Personal consultation with the shaman or group to interpret experiences and visions of ayahuasca.
  • Assistants, translators of English for their spiritual retreat.
  • • Daily return from 9am to 6pm. If there is an urgent departure time (coordinate).

These ayahuasca retreats in Peru are usually accompanied by a shaman and a spiritual guide, the shaman to interpret your visions and guide you to facilitate the comforts during the retreat.

In a retreat of ayahuasca of four days are taken three times, the third day is rested and ayahuasca is not taken, this day one has to meditate, to relax and is to share the experiences with your group because it is part of the wellness therapy.

The concoction of ayahuasca is consumed with the purpose of having visions and visions to solve problems of anxiety, addiction to cigarettes, drugs, basically it is the most similar to an alternative rehabilitation center, but in this case it is in Cusco.

  • Begin your ceremony with the pick up from the customer service office at 9 am, once you arrive at the retreat center the flame will start with the ayahuasca ceremony.
  • At the end of the ceremony the flame will interpret the visions and explain the meaning of these.
  • Once you have finished the ayahuasca ritual, you will be taken to your bedroom, where you will rest and meditate.

  • At dawn on day two the spiritual guide will wake you up and accompany you to start with the second ritual of ayahuasca.
  • At the end of the ritual you will taste an exquisite vegetarian dinner, then rest.


    This day is to rest, share experiences, and resolve concerns and doubts, meditate and have lunch vegetarian.

  • This is the last day of the ayahuasca retreat, this day will have an early ritual, the spiritual guide will wake you up to begin your retreat, at the end of this ritual you will be interpreted the visions you had.
  • At the end of the retreat the vehicle will take you back, which concludes the retreat of ayahuasca.
  • Avoid taking any drugs (cocaine, cannabis, MDMA) one week before your retirement.
  • Avoid taking drinks (beer, vodka, wine, Pisco Sour) two days before retirement.
  • Avoid eating red meat, fast food (pizza, hamburger) two days before retirement.
  • Avoid having sex.
  • Eat vegan food.
  • Eat fruits and vegetables.

    3 ayahuascas + volcanic water $ 360. (Street: Herrajes 148, 3rd floor ceremonial temple. Start of ceremony 7pm).
    3 ayahuascas + volcanic water $ 535. {(In the countryside 1 hour from Cusco). Time of departure from Cusco 9 am and 5pm}.
    3 ayahuascas in the field. $ 635 (Your ayahuasca ceremony is private, no more members).

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